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-   Education has a greater importance today than ever before as parents seek to prepare their children for the challenges of a rapidly changing world. At Munoru Highlands Schools we are committed to providing the best education for our students to enable them to meet these challenges.

  1. 1.       Location

-  The school is located near Githumu market, Ruchu location, Kandara sub-county in Muranga County. Approximately 35 kilometers from Thika Town off the super highway that services the agriculturally rich areas of Mt.Kenya region and the Aberdares. The institution is well serviced by all weather roads and important facilities such as a hospital, police station, and bustling commercial shopping centers and tea farms.

- It sits on about 7 acres of beautifully landscaped grounds, flower gardens, sloping terrain and next to a permanent meandering stream. The school overlooks the slopes of the Aberdares, hence its cool, serene environment conducive for learning and outdoor activities.

  1. 2.       History.

- Munoru Highlands Schools was founded in 1999 by Prof .G.G .S Munoru a renowned Law scholar. In 2010 he was awarded the Kenya Order of the Burning Spear, by the former President Mwai Kibaki, for his contribution to education in this country. Prof.G.G.S Munoru has an LLB degree (University of London), an LLM degree (Columbia University) and is Advocate of the High Court of Kenya.

- The schools consist of an Early Childhood Unit (kindergarten), Mixed Junior School and a Senior Boys School

  1. 3.       Philosophy

-  Our educational programmes place significant emphasis on :

a) The attainment of academic excellence.

b) Development of student confidence, initiative and independence.

c) Life skills.

d) Constructive partnerships with parents.

e) Leadership skills.

f)  A committed teaching and support staff team.

  1. 4.       Curriculum

-   At Munoru we offer the following curricula:-

a) Kenya based 8-4-4 curriculum. We offer ECD and 8 years of primary education.


  1. 5.       School Facilities

-  Set in an attractive campus and conveniently located in a vibrant commercial hub, Munoru Schools offers students a stimulating School learning. These include:

a)  Boarding facilities with solar heated hot water.

b) Spacious classrooms.

c) Sports /outdoor facilities for football, volley ball and athletics.

d) A community based Resource center that comprises a library, ICT lab, business incubation     hub and a kid’s recreation area.

d) Kitchen and dining hall.

  1. 6.  Pastoral  Programme

-  The school has a Chaplain whose role is to support and advise the students and staff. In addition this oversight extends to monitoring the academic, social and emotional development of the children.

- Courses in Life skills, critical thinking, community service and personal health are taught by the programme officer.

  1. 8.       Setting

- Serene Countryside cool environment conducive for optimal learning.

  1. 9.       Academic performance.

-  Excellent performance amongst the best private schools in Murang’a County.

  1. 10.   Networks.

- Munoru Highlands Schools are registered with Kandara Private Schools Association as well as the Kenya Private Schools Association (National).

- The schools participate in the association’s exams, extra curricula activities, sports, training seminars and events.

11. Staff.                 

- A team of highly motivated, dedicated, well trained teachers and support staff.

        12. Leadership Training.

- The schools put emphasis on wholesome education that imparts values of hard work, discipline, ethics and leadership

                                                                    LOGISTICAL SUPPORT SERVICES

  1. Electricity Supply – The school is supplied by a continuous power supply from the National Gird via 3 –phase system.
  2. Water Supply- A permanent fresh water steam runs next to the school. The source being the nearby Abardare Mountain ranges. It is pumped into the school compound by a powerful water pump.
  3. School Farm – strategically next to the school, supplies fresh produce such as eggs, milk, vegetables and fruits.
  4. Security – the school has a well designed perimeter fence around its 7 acres of land. The main high value asset areas have strong metal doors and a strong room for valuables. These areas serve as the holding areas for the computers and exam/test materials and are secure by guards and night.
  5. Dining Hall/ Catering department- wholesome food served in a spacious hall that can accommodate 120 students in one sitting. Future expansion will sit 100 students extra.
  6. Transport – the school has a bus with a capacity of 51 passengers as well as 2 mini-buses that can carry 14 passengers each.
  7. Extra-curricular activities – there several grounds for sport such as soccer, netball, basket ball and the school also partners with other institutions for swimming and drama/music.
  8. Local Partnerships – The school has established fruitful partnerships with Kenya Private Schools Association (member), Kenya National Library Services.


-  This project seeks to equip teachers with adequate knowledge, skills and attitude to enable them address the issues of educational technology infusion in teacher education programs.

- To help the educators develop a deeper understanding of how ICT integration can enhance the teaching, learning experience, to streamline management/administrative school functions and enable students to acquire 21st century skills.

- The project has 4 components:-

a)  Hardware requirements: - Desk top computers, laptops and soon introducing tablets for e-learning.

b) Network system- staffroom and administration block.

c)  School Management Software- an application that centralizes and digitizes all administration, registration, academic finances, supplies, time management functions of the school.

d) ICT Training – for all the staff (25 trainees) .These include teachers, managers and front office staff. The pupils and students are also to be trained on using e books and use tools such as projectors and computers in their day to day learning experience


-  To connect the computers in the senior school and junior school tuition blocks. These areas will in turn be connected to the resource centre which hosts the VSAT internet dish.

-    The network will enable the whole school to be served by the high speed internet to facilitate the on-line course to be administered in the tuition blocks, resource center as well as providing a fast internet connection (10MB)to Love Focus in California, USA.


- The school would require consistent internet connection; the local service provider for the VSAT can provide a monthly cost and band with service fee schedule for the whole year.


- A generator to power the computers, network and VSAT satellite internet, is also required  the project’s viability.                                             


‘’You may resist the invasion of an army, but you cannot stop an idea whose time has come.” Victor Marie Hugo (February 26th, 1802 – May22, 1885).

-  ICT has the potential to completely transform generations and can cause great revolutions similar to those witnessed during the agricultural and industrial revolutions.

-  ICT is the next big thing that will change all aspects of our lives. And what better way to start this change than from the formative years of human development.

-   The whole world is embracing technology. Most of the unemployment we are witnessing today is as a result of our ICT illiteracy. Counties that have embraced technology are way ahead. This is because ICT encourages innovation that expands job opportunity.




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